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Fantasy and Sexuality

Alrighty, shall we continue on rambling? Might as well, since I’m an insomniac and I have nothing better to do as of this very instant. So, last time I spoke about characters. What I didn’t speak about, which in hindsight makes up such a very huge part of characters, is sexuality. So this is, in part, an addendum to the previous blogs. If I have time, I’ll speak about some other stuff too.

I had a discussion some months ago with Karsten about gay fantasy and I wanted to immediately clarify my views following that, but failed to, because I’m a lazy man – the king of laziness, in fact. So, we spoke about Richard Morgan’s ‘The Steel Remains’ which I didn’t care for and which Karsten loved. She said it was brave because it depicted gay sex and had a main gay character, etc. I thought otherwise –

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Abercrombie and Characters

A Quick Preface:

I’m writing these blogs because I want to vocalise what fantasy is, why I love it, some of my favourite concepts and subgenres and, most of all – as a tribute. To a genre that first awakened my imagination, that introduced me to myth and magic and wonder and mystery, to the beauty of otherworlds, to nobility and honour…To a genre that encouraged me to look outside the box, that taught me there was more to life than ugly family situations and mean streets.

It’s not to attack anyone 🙂 I just want to say that, since my, er, belligerence came through a tad strongly last time around, heh. Having said that, I’m belligerent by nature. Fantasy honestly changed my life and essentially underpins who I am in a major way. Accordingly, I intend to devote my life to it, whether by adding to it fictionally, or academically or both. Now! Dr. Phil moment over, let’s move on.

The Discussion:

Basically, I was talking with Jack the other day. He mentioned how he was thinking of making a substantive character change because he thought his protagonist was a whiny little wimp and not many people like them. It got me thinkin’ see, about characters and specifically, about Joe Abercrombie (author of the First Law series) and why his work in particular is amazing. Jack’s reasoning is that we need a reason to sympathise/empathise with the characters and he’s not wrong – there are no real wrongs or rights here and I think that’s half the point I want to make.

Too many people have this notion that characters must be a certain something. Too many writers out there subscribe to this notion, young and old. They mustn’t be whiners, they must be brave, they must be honourable, they must be the goodliest do-gooders of good in existence, they must strive for something, they must be sympathetic. No, no, no, no, no. Continue reading

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