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Fantasy and Sexuality

Alrighty, shall we continue on rambling? Might as well, since I’m an insomniac and I have nothing better to do as of this very instant. So, last time I spoke about characters. What I didn’t speak about, which in hindsight makes up such a very huge part of characters, is sexuality. So this is, in part, an addendum to the previous blogs. If I have time, I’ll speak about some other stuff too.

I had a discussion some months ago with Karsten about gay fantasy and I wanted to immediately clarify my views following that, but failed to, because I’m a lazy man – the king of laziness, in fact. So, we spoke about Richard Morgan’s ‘The Steel Remains’ which I didn’t care for and which Karsten loved. She said it was brave because it depicted gay sex and had a main gay character, etc. I thought otherwise –

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